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        Clearly the best 
        Innovative Photography Features

        AI Color PortraitColor in All the Right Places

        In this eye-catching mode, capture stunning portraits against a vivid black-and-white backdrop.

        960fps Smart Slow-motion1Let's Take It Slow

        Reno4 quadruples the number of moments we can record in a second, enabling a 960fps slow-motion playback.

        AI-enhanced Smart Sensor

        Smart AirControlTouchless, Tapless Freedom

        It's now easier to pick up a phone call or browse through your favorite social media apps2 by AirControl.

        Smart Spying PreventionYour Personal Privacy Shield

        Reno4 automatically hides the popping up messages when someone else is peeking at your phone.

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        1. By default, the screen refresh rate is changed automatically based on the specific scenario. You can choose Auto Select, 90Hz, or 60Hz mode in Settings.

        2. Reno4 Pro charges to 100% in 36 minutes, as measured in tests conducted by OPPO. Actual charging time may vary depending on the specific condition of the device or individual differences, such as environmental temperature or performance degradation after battery use.